How to Handle Dirty Roommates in Off Campus Housing for Students

Roommates are great, but they’re not always perfect. In fact, some of them can be downright filthy. If you’ve got a dirty roommate or two in your off campus housing in Laramie, then keep reading for some tips on how to handle them in a cool and collected fashion.

Establish Rules From the Getgo

Ideally, you will already have established the ground rules of cleanliness on day 1. Doing so makes it much easier to call someone out on their mess than if you never mentioned the subject at all. Remember to be explicit and serious when discussing the topic.

Call Them Out

Don’t remain silent in the face of filthiness. Once you see it growing, call out the offending roommate, and call them out again. If not, they’ll take your silence as permission to keep leaving things around the apartment and consent to have a filthy room.

Institute a Penalty

They say there’s no crime without punishment. Well, if there are no real consequences to a roommate’s messiness, then you can never expect the dirty person to cleanup. Penalties for messiness are best discussed before someone gets out of hand and can include grocery shopping for the whole apartment or buying the roomies a round of beers for every day their messiness persists. Make sure the entire apartment agrees on levying penalties, so they’ll have more force when they’re needed.

Stage an Intervention

If all else fails, then you might consider a formal intervention. Get everyone together and form a plan that puts the messy roommate and everyone else in the same room for a discussion. Try to make the roommate understand how their mess affects your lives and how it’s not a joke. Then, have them clean up.

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