How to Maintain a Residential Generator in San Juan County, WA

Every homeowner should have a standby generator. Having a standby generator ensures that the household will still have access to sufficient power during serious storms and municipal power outages. It’s important to note that standby generators require routine maintenance, though.

Proper maintenance ensures that standby generators will work as intended in an emergency. Read on to find some tips for the maintenance and upkeep of a residential generator in San Juan County WA to learn how to get started.

Monitor Weekly Self-Cycles

Modern standby generators are designed to run test cycles once a week. These cycles take around 20 minutes and occur at the same predetermined time each week. Homeowners should observe these self-tests to make sure there are no alarms or warnings indicating potential problems.

Conduct Monthly Inspections

Homeowners should conduct monthly inspections even when they are not using the generator. During this inspection, check the oil and coolant levels and inspect the battery to make sure there are no loose wires or other signs of damage. Homeowners with diesel generators should also check their fuel levels and water/fuel separators and all homeowners should check to make sure the area surrounding the unit is free of debris.

Schedule Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance

While most homeowners can perform monthly inspections, few homeowners have the tools, time, and know-how to perform actual preventative maintenance. Hire a technician to change the oil and oil filters, the air filters, and the spark plugs every six months. The technician should also perform fuel testing, flush the cooling system, inspect the battery and wiring, and look for signs of damage or excessive wear.

Pay Attention to Environmental Conditions

If a Residential Generator in San Juan County WA is exposed to substantial dust or summer heat, homeowners may need to change their oil and filters more frequently. Some professionals also recommend switching to a lighter weight oil during the coldest months of winter.

The Bottom Line

Have a residential generator and want to make sure it’s in great shape before winter hits? The best way to do so is to schedule a professional inspection and routine maintenance visit. Get more information about residential standby generators and the local technicians trained to inspect and repair them online today to get started.

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