How to Maintain a Swimming Pool from Pool Service League City

Owning a pool in your backyard is not all fun and games. Even swimming pools from pool service in League City would still need maintenance. It is very important to check and repair minor problems before they get out of hand and become a real pain in the neck.

Since it makes the most part of the pool, it is essential to check the quality of the water. Its appearance is very important since it is the first thing that is seen in the pool. The water should be clean, transparent, and free from debris and algae. This can be done by vacuuming and skimming its surface at weekly intervals.

The chemical properties of the water are as important as its physical look. There are two parameters that should be kept at proper levels. These are the pH and chlorine content of the pool. The pH is ideally maintained at alkaline range of 7.2 to 7.8. The correct chlorine concentration is vital. The proper level of chlorine can prevent growth of algae. It also sanitizes the pool by killing harmful microorganisms that can thrive in water like fungus and E. coli. To do these things, the free available chlorine, the portion of chlorine that has not reacted on the pool’s contaminant, should be kept at a range of 2-4 ppm. It should not fall below 1.0 ppm. Shock doses of chlorine every now and then will keep the levels at the desired ranges. Keeping chlorine at these levels will disinfect the pool without giving that stinging sensation in the eyes. Water samples can be brought to pool services such as pool service in League City to check if the proper pH and chlorine levels are maintained.

Once the water is at its best, other details should be checked. The filter of the pool should be regularly replaced to prevent it from clogging. Make sure that the drainage and circulation process in the pool is working well. To avoid hazardous shocks, electrical wirings should be checked. Physical structures like the rails and diving boards should be free from damages. It would be disastrous if someone uses a faulty diving board.

Another issue of maintaining a pool is closing it for the winter season. The pool should be drained at the recommended freezing water level. After draining the water lines, anti-freeze should be added to prevent them from freezing over. Since nobody will be using the pool, a sturdy cover should be placed over it. This will also prevent debris and dirt from getting into the pool. Opening it during the summer is simpler. Start with removing the cover and the frozen water. Then, the anti-free should be drained from the water pipes. Refilling the pool with fresh water and sanitizing it will be the last step of the opening process. With all this in mind, you can always contact pool service in League City for consultation.

Cleaning and maintaining the pool should be a regular practice in order to make the swimming experience more enjoyable. This not only saves you from paying expensive fees for major repairs. It also keeps the pool safe for swimmers.

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