How to Make Funeral Arrangements in Layton, UT When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs in the family, you will need to make some important decisions at an extremely difficult time. You may feel confused about making particular funeral arrangements in Layton, UT. However, when working with certain funeral homes, such as a Myers Mortuary, the on-site professionals will assist you with making the process much easier.

The Information You Need to Provide

After the occurrence of a death, the mortuary will usually ask you a series of questions. These questions usually include the deceased’s name, their location (residence, nursing facility, or hospital), your contact name, address, a viable telephone number, and the contact information for the next of kin. If the deceased person has made a pre-arranged funeral plan, the mortuary will need the plan number or policy name.

What to Bring to the Funeral Home

Funeral arrangements also include establishing a time for you to visit the funeral home to complete the details for the service. Usually, the funeral provider will ask that you bring the following information and items:

  • Apparel for the deceased person.

  • Social security number of the deceased.

  • The deceased’s birth date and place of birth.

  • The deceased’s parent names, including the mother’s maiden name.

  • Marital status of the deceased.

  • A recent photo of the deceased.

What Else is Needed

You will also need to bring any pre-arrangement paperwork, if applicable, which will be part of the funeral arrangements. Cemetery lot information will be needed as well.

Contact Your Clergy and Arrange a Time for the Service

In addition, you need to contact your clergy and decide on a location and a time for the memorial service or the funeral. These services can be held at the mortuary or at another location. The funeral home will also help you determined how many death certificate copies you require, and they will follow up by ordering them for you. These basic activities must be done when communicating with the funeral home.


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