How to Tell if You Need Roof Repair in Charleston, SC, after a Storm

Storm damage from high winds and hurricanes is common in the Lowcountry, but not every homeowner knows they have roof damage following severe weather. Keep reading to learn more about how to spot damage and when to call for roof repair in Charleston, SC.

Obvious Damage

There is some damage that’s more obvious than others. Obvious signs of roof damage following a storm includes the following:

• Missing or damaged shingles

• Missing or damaged flashing

• Holes

• Sections of missing roof

• Water stains on interior ceilings

• Leaky attics

Homeowners who spot these problems at their home should call for emergency roof repair services to fix the damage before it gets worse.

Not-so-obvious Signs of Damage

The most common roofing problem that happens after a storm is shingle damage. However, not all shingle damage is noticeable right away. That’s why roofing contractors always recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected following a severe storm.

Roofers check shingles for signs of indention. They do this by pressing on shingles that look indented. If the shingle moves, this lets the roof know that it’s been damaged and needs replacing.

Roofers can’t stress enough the importance of scheduling roof inspections once or twice a year. These inspections catch small problems and help homeowners avoid surprise roof repair in Charleston, SC.

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