How Will My Doctor Treat Spine and Neck Injuries?

If you recently experienced an injury to your back or neck, you may be nervous about what treatment will look like in the days to come. While spine and neck injuries are never easy to deal with, today’s medical advances allow doctors to treat these painful problems in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common options that doctors choose to treat spine and neck injuries.

First, many doctors begin by ordering patients to rest or possibly even wear a back brace and lay flat for a few days or weeks. Depending on the severity of the injury, patients might be hospitalized to keep the injury stable while the spine has time to heal. If you are prescribed a time of bed rest, this can be discouraging, but try to stay positive. Look at it as a much needed break or a little vacation from your normal routines.

Second, your doctor might suggest physical therapy to help your spine heal. Physical therapists use a variety of techniques to treat injuries. You will likely experience alternating heat and ice, as well as massage, traction, and exercises as part of your treatment regimen. Your physical therapist will design a treatment routine centered on your particular injury and will work with you to come up with something that is tolerable and effective to help you heal quickly. You will also be asked to do exercises at home each day. This will speed up the healing process so make sure you always do these exercises as directed.

Third, your doctor might give you a prescription for medications to help ease the pain and inflammation. Doctors commonly prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, and muscle relaxers to treat back and neck injuries. In some cases of severe swelling and inflammation, doctors will prescribe a low dose of steroids.

Your doctor might discuss other alternative treatment options for you back or neck pain as well. Some patients enjoy trying massage, chiropractic care, or acupuncture in addition to the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan. Just make sure you follow your doctor’s directions and never try any alternative treatments without first clearing it with your physician. If you are doing physical therapy, you should also let your physical therapist know of any medications you are taking and any alternative therapies you are trying. This allows the therapist to work with a holistic view of your health in mind to help you heal from injuries as quickly as possible.

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