How Would You Handle Common House Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing problems occur in almost every household. We tend to overlook common errors in the drainage system of our house. Leaking pipes, dripping faucets, or even running toilets are just a few of the initial symptoms that might lead to a far bigger problem in the future. If not attended at the earliest, these seemingly trivial issues may turn into a house owner’s nightmare.

Calling a plumbing service for emergency repair without checking their credentials is not an ideal solution as well. First of all, the service company may not answer your call if it happens to be after usual service hours, unless they operate a 24-hour customer helpdesk. Even if you can get your message across and book an emergency service, the plumber from the agency may not turn up on time. This makes the situation worse, particularly if there’s a major leakage in the main water-supply pipe or if drain water starts flooding your house and compound!

Selecting an efficient plumber is the best option to residents and that too, well in advance to avoid making a wrong choice. However, it is wise to get acquainted with basic plumbing problems and know how to do the preliminary repair work under an emergency situation, before the arrival of the plumber.

1.      Repairing pipe leaks:  If the leak is visible, the first step is to cut off the water flow. This can be done easily by shutting off the valve which is supplying water to the leaking pipe. Then applying temporary patches over the leak would be the ideal thing to do. Leaks can even be smaller than pinholes! In such a case you may not be able to locate the leak properly. To avoid confusion, wrap the entire segment of the pipe with plastic electrical tapes. Use of epoxy putty can also give satisfactory result in this condition. Using a metal clamp or an auto hose clamp fitted with a piece of rubber can help to check leaks under emergency situation until the time it is repaired or replaced by a professional plumbing expert.

2.      Unclogging drains: The debris that gets clogged within the drain pipes connecting to kitchen sinks and toilets are hard to clean. If the sink is not fixed firmly in place, lifting and cleaning it is the best thing to do. If not, then a plunger comes handy. For toilets or tubs, a similar step would work. For unclogging an area further down the pipe, using an auger or a plumber’s snake is advisable. Such tools may not be available to house owners. So calling an expert plumber is the foremost thing to do under such conditions.

3.      Besides, keeping some handy plumbing tools and materials like – couplings, valves, plumber’s tape, glue or adhesive binders, and most importantly, a ‘color-coded map’ of the water lines would help locate and solve the problem much easily.

Plumbing problems can be handled at the preliminary level with a basic know-how and presence of mind. But in case, there are no ways you can figure out the problem, call a professional service provider immediately. While looking for professionals who offer exceptional service in plumbing, Chatsworth residents can get in touch with Paster Plumbing, offering specialized service for over 37 years in CA and with 100,000 service calls to their credit!



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