How Would You Stay Safe From Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are common pests, found the world over. Whether you live in the country or reside in a metropolis, these bugs are everywhere! Considered general parasites, these blood-sucking insects, survive in almost every type of climate and are widely spread from one place to the other. These insects infest beddings, clothing, and luggage and remain virtually undetectable due to their small size. Luggage harboring bed bugs when moved from one place to the other transport these parasites from one location to the other. As traveling involves staying at several hotels, travelers can pick up these parasites in their luggage or clothing, completely unnoticed. The insects get carried on to their homes and from there to their neighborhood and consequently spread all over the region! Bed bugs multiply fast and can build a colony of thousand bugs within a 2-3 months time from just a single pair. Entomologists at a reputed medical center in Sydney have found after research that an average infected household harbors a few thousand of these bugs, provided adequate food source is available to them at any given point of time.

These blood-sucking parasites bite all night long and cause swelling accompanied with profuse itching which may even trigger skin allergy and rashes. People with severe bedbug bites, in some exceptional cases, are admitted to hospitals for treatment. Sometimes, bedbug bites may go unnoticed and the person may not even feel the bite unless after sometime when red bite marks appear on skin, the region starts swelling, and cause profuse irritation. The bite marks are typical and can be easily identified due to the linear pattern, mostly in straight lines!

Preventing bed bugs from infesting your household may sound simple but it’s easier said than done. In fact, these are such minute insects that it’s quite an impossible task to pick each one out and destroy its colony. Generally mattresses harbor these blood-sucking parasites. Hence while trying to stay clear from these insects it is vital to adopt the following preventive measures.

  1. Inspection: if you want to protect yourself from bedbug bites, your primary strategy would be to inspect the mattresses you’re sleeping on. It is advisable to examine the mattresses thoroughly, once you check into a hotel room. Examining the bed, pillow covers, and bed sheet under sufficient lighting is necessary.
  2. Protect Your Luggage: Bugs disseminate through luggage and clothes. Hence, it is best to carry individual clothes in sealed air-tight bags to stop bed bugs from accompanying you back to your home. Keeping your travel bags on elevated racks is also helpful to protect from bedbug infestation.
  3. Wash: Bed bugs die in extreme hot and cold conditions. Hence travelers returning after a long trip must wash all clothes in hot water.

Bed bug problem seems easy to overcome but it is not so. In fact, even the toughest measures from your end may sometime prove to be ineffective. So it’s best to seek professional guidance before the situation gets out of hand. While looking for effective control of bed bugs, Los Angeles residents should get in touch with Pest Solutions – offering specialized termite and pest control service for nearly a decade.


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