Keeping the Peace While Living in an Apartment With Your Pets

When you make the decision to live in an apartment with your pets, you need to take into consideration the other people who are also living in the building, especially those who might not have pets of their own. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that everyone, including the furry family members, can happily live in their own spaces.

Know the Policies
Talk to the manager of pet friendly apartments in Fort Collins to learn about the policies in place for having pets. The complex might not allow certain breeds or could have a weight limit for pets. If there are any fees that you need to pay, then you should budget for these when you’re paying other deposits.

Moving Day
When it’s time to move to one of the pet friendly apartments in Fort Collins, make sure your pets are safe. Put them in a travel crate if at all possible so that they will be secure and so that they will feel comfortable during the move. Try to find someone to watch them while you’re moving furniture into your apartment so that they aren’t in the way.

After settling into your apartment, consider making certain areas pet-proof so that they are alright for your pets to play, eat, and sleep. Try to take your pets out to use the bathroom on a regular schedule so that you don’t bother your neighbors. The area for your pets should be one that isn’t directly above the living area of downstairs neighbors so that they don’t hear your pets running around or playing.

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