Know Your Rights When a Dealership Sells You a Lemon Vehicle

There are several ways that car dealerships can have a vehicle run like a charm long enough to sell it. This has been the way for a long time, though many do not use these tricks. It is why there is a lemon law for used cars in places. People should not have to buy a vehicle and have to do major repairs shortly after getting it. With the expenses that can come from auto repair, this could destroy the finances of someone who is not prepared. There need to be protections for those who can only afford a used car.

Due Diligence

When getting any vehicle from any lot, a person should try to have a way to get a mechanic to look at it. That is not always an option. When this happens, used car dealers are able to get away with tricks. That is not to say that all do this. Most are trying to be as honest as they can. A lemon law for used cars is to help handle those who do try to con unsuspecting people. Sometimes government agencies do not help as they should. That is why there are lawyers willing to work to get people justice.

Search Around

When a person realizes that they have been had by the used car dealership, they need to know their rights. That means they need to find someone that will be their advocate to keep them from being financially ruined. The issue can also lead to them losing their job if they are unable to get there. That is why someone needing to know their rights under the lemon law for used cars should contact Krohn & Moss Consumer Law Center. See what rights are available to combat shady dealership tactics.

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