Laser Hair Removal In Chicago IL

A term thrown around a lot is laser hair removal and Chicago IL residents have been raving at how well it works. Many people considering the procedure have valid concerns and want more information before committing. One of the biggest questions pertains to where on the body one can get laser hair removal. Another question concerns exactly what and how it is done and if it hurts. Ultimately only a business specializing in laser hair removal can give the best advice, but for those just beginning to think about, research is a great first move.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Most people have hair somewhere on their body they try to get rid of. Razors, creams and waxing are the most common forms of hair removal and people use them on everything from legs and underarms to face, neck, back and bikini area. Those methods are effective but last only a short time. Laser hair removal Chicago IL targets the hair follicle and causes it to stop growing hair. By exposing the skin (and follicle) to a short burst of special light the follicle ceases making hair. Unfortunately the follicle must be actively growing hair to be affected by the light. That is why multiple sessions are needed to get all the hair.

Where Can Laser Hair Removal Be Used?

In short, anywhere Chicago IL residents shave, pluck or wax can be treated with laser hair removal. Many people falsely believe that big areas can’t be treated or areas with delicate skin. With advances in laser technology any part of the body which grows hair can be treated effectively. Multiple sessions are usually needed and the length of time for each session depends on the size of the area. So someone wanting their entire back treated will spend more time working on it than someone trying to eliminate chin hair.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Most people who have undergone laser hair removal report that it stings a little, sort of like a rubber band being popped. Because a laser is involved it is important that a well—trained specialist with a medical background handle the equipment. Every state has different regulations as to who can administer laser hair removal, but most quality companies require more than the bare minimum for their technicians. After the procedure the skin may be sensitive but nothing more than a mild sunburn.

Anyone contemplating laser hair removal should talk to others who have had the procedure to see what they thought of it. Also, consulting a professional specializing in laser hair removal will probably be the best way to get questions answered. Before dismissing the procedure because of the area one wants hair removed or fear of pain, they should research the risks and benefits and consult a professional. With so many people happy with their laser hair removal Chicago IL residents with unwanted hair should give it a try.

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