Learn About Dental Health And Wisdom Teeth In Summit, NJ

Check with your dentist for the removal of wisdom teeth in Summit, NJ. People usually get their wisdom teeth in their late teens. These are the third and final set of molars and are usually misaligned and angled away or towards the second molars making them more prone to decay or infections. If your wisdom teeth has erupted partially it is open to bacterial infections causing pain, swelling and general illness.

This misalignment and/or partial eruption causes many dental problems and more often than not wisdom teeth need to be removed.

How Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth In Summit, NJ

Your dentist in Summit, NJ can check how your wisdom teeth are positioned and aligned. An X-ray can further show any issues with your wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth need further evaluation, you may need to see an oral surgeon. Sometimes dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth as a preventive measure rather than go through a painful and complicated extraction after a problem occurs. It is easier to remove the wisdom teeth in young individuals when the teeth are still developing the roots and the bone is less dense.

The ease of removal depends upon the placement of your wisdom teeth. To remove the wisdom teeth in Summit, NJ, your dentist will give you local anesthesia and might decide to give additional sedative to control any anxiety.

Recovery after removal of your wisdom teeth in Summit, NJ

Recovery depends a lot on the extraction complication. A simple extraction will result in faster recovery. After the removal of wisdom teeth in Summit, NJ, you can expect the following during the first 24 hours:

To control the bleeding, put clean and moist gauze over the area and bite down firmly. Avoid spitting, rinsing or any sucking actions. Call your dentist if the bleeding is excessive. You can expect general facial swelling in the area where tooth was extracted. Control the swelling with a bag of ice on your face for 10-minutes. Repeat it again after 20 minutes.

You can take pain medications available on the counter in various pharmacies. For severe excruciating pain, contact your dentist. If antibiotics have been prescribed to fight any infections, complete the dosage. Follow a liquid diet until you get the full sensory control back and while brushing your teeth, avoid the tooth right next to the extracted area.

Where To Go For Removal Of The Wisdom Teeth In Summit, NJ

Your dentist will be able to perform the wisdom teeth extraction. You might need to go to an oral surgeon if your dentist requires a further evaluation. If you don’t have a dentist yet, ask your friends and neighbors for references and feedback. Do an online search for the dentists in your area and make sure that you have the required insurance. The cost of extraction of wisdom teeth in Summit, NJ depends very much on the complications.

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