Learn Why a Thread Lift Is Often Called a Non-invasive Facelift

You would likely feel disappointed if someone guessed you were as old as you really are or older. You want to look younger than you really are. Unfortunately, things like genetics, the environment, excessive drinking, smoking, sun damage, and stress can all make you look your age or older.

There are a variety of nonsurgical treatments that can be used to help you look and feel better. One option that has been used for many years is a thread lift. This has been referred to as a non-invasive facelift.

Threads are inserted under the facial skin in key locations. The immediate benefit is that your skin will be lifted because of the threads. Also, the fat tissue will contract, which means that the skin will instantly look tighter. So you can address sagging skin.

You are likely going to be more interested in the longer-term benefits. The threads encourage the skin to produce collagen. They serve as a framework where that collagen will grow, which means that your skin is going to be renewed at a cellular level. This non-invasive facelift can be used to improve the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles.

The treatment usually takes about 40 minutes. As soon as the threads have been inserted, you can get back to normal activities that you have scheduled for the day. There is minimal downtime.

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