Let The Breeze In With Awning Windows In Ellicott City MD

Knowing the terminology used to define different types of windows can be challenging. If you are looking for a style of window that opens outward from the top you are actually looking for awning windows in Ellicott City MD.

Options for Use

These windows are very popular in a wide range of different locations in a home. You will often see awning windows in Ellicott City MD in a basement since they can be positioned high on the walls, above the exterior ground level, to let in light and fresh air. Since they are hinged at the top you simply unlock the window at the bottom and push outward or use the handle to pull the window closed.

They are also popular in the kitchen, especially above the sink and countertop space. Because Iowa awning windows can come in a variety of different sizes they can be selected to match with the space that you have to maximize natural light.

Ideal Bathroom Windows

Choosing from the many styles of Ultrex fiberglass windows for your awning windows in Ellicott City MD allows you to even use these in high moisture areas of the home.

With the Ultrex fiberglass frames that are very resistant to water or thermal expansion these are a perfect match for the humidity of the bathroom, or the over the sink area in a kitchen or laundry room. In addition, with the stronger fiberglass when compared to vinyl you can enjoy more of the window and less of the frame, allowing in even more light.

The Rain Factor

With interior screens to keep out insects and debris, awning windows in Ellicott City MD from Liberty Windows & Siding, Inc Windows and Doors you never have to worry about unpredictable weather. With the way that the windows open from the top outward rain naturally just runs off the windows, eliminating the problem with windows that open up or to the side that allow water to blow directly into the room.

Choose Awning Windows, and specifically Ultrex fiberglass windows, is a great investment. With virtually no maintenance requirements these windows are not just beautiful but also very practical.

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