Medical Tests Used to Determine the Wellness and Function of Your Heart

Medical technology now allows doctors the ability to see deep inside the human body. They now know with absolute certainty how your internal organs look and function as well as what ailments could compromise your organs’ function and health. When it comes to diagnosing and treating problems with the heart, doctors use medical tests like MRIs and cardiac SPECT exams. Depending on your particular underlying cardiac issue, you may expect to undergo these and other tests to determine the health of this important organ.

Cardiac Scan

A cardiac SPECT exam is one of the foremost tests that doctors now have at their disposal to determine the health and function of your heart. Before undergoing this test, your doctor may advise you to avoid eating for at least eight hours. This is because an empty stomach allows the images to show up better on the scan.

To highlight the tributaries of your veins and arteries, your physician might inject a dye into your body. The dye will travel through the paths around your heart, showing if there are any clogs or damages in the veins and arteries.


An MRI is another type of scan used to view your internal organs. This scan might also involve the injection of dye into your veins and arteries. This procedure is generally performed while you are awake.

The MRI is like an x-ray in that it shows the location and overall health of your heart. However, it may not show deeper problems, such as clogs in the structures around the organ.

If you live in a rural area, undergoing these tests can be a challenge if there are no state-of-the-art medical facilities around you so that you may be a good candidate for mobile cardiac scan services. To find out more about these scans if you live in the Oakbrook Terrace area, contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc.

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