Natural Soaps Made with Tea Tree Oil and Goat’s Milk Can Help Dry Skin

It is common knowledge that foods containing natural ingredients help to keep your insides healthy, but have you ever considered what skin care products made with natural ingredients can do for your outside? Goat’s milk has become a popular ingredient in all natural lotions and soaps. Lotion containing goat’s milk is made from all natural ingredients, uses no dyes, and the fragrance comes from 100% natural essential oils. Goat’s milk lotion has been found to heal dry, cracked skin that couldn’t be helped by brand name lotions. Another skin care product made from all natural ingredients is natural tea tree oil soap. This soap gently cleanses without drying the skin.

Many of the natural skin care products are made by small businesses with some using home grown ingredients like milk from their own goats, herbs from their garden, and honey collected from their apiary. The soaps made from goat’s milk are mixed with other ingredients to produce several varieties. Some of the more popular soaps are oatmeal and honey, cinnamon, citrus, and pine scented.

Once you have tried natural lip balm you will never go back to the "store bought" brands. It contains several types of plant oils combined with cocoa and shea butter, refined beeswax, and Vitamin E. What you will never find in it is artificial color, flavor, or fragrance. It would seem that with all the oils and butters in this product it would leave the lips feeling greasy. That is not the case. The oils are quickly absorbed into the skin leaving the lips soft and moist.

Body butter is a relatively new skin care product. The natural body butter derives its thick texture from goat’s milk cream that is combined with aloe vera, honey, and shea butter for a luxurious mixture that leaves the skin soft and smooth. Before applying lotion or body butter to the skin, cleansing with a Dead Sea Salt scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells for smoother skin. Washing your face with natural tea tree oil soap can help improve your complexion naturally.

Many of the finest all natural skin care products made from raw goat milk cannot be found in stores, but are only available for purchase online. They can be ordered separately or in specially made gift baskets containing your choice of goat’s milk lotion, soap, or body butter, salt scrubs, and a tea tree oil soap bar.

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