Obtaining A Sewer Inspection For Your Older Home

When might you need the services of a sewer Inspection Galveston TX professional? Before moving into a used home, most home buyers ask for a home inspection to be done by a qualified professional. Unfortunately many of those same home buyers neglect to ask for a sewer inspection before moving into their newly purchased home. Older homes often have rusty pipes, faulty electric systems and it stands to reason that the plumbing will have suffered the same deterioration over time. Tree roots have had the chance to clog up sewer lines and build up over the years has had the chance to settle into the sewer system of the home resulting in future costly repairs. Before buying a home that will cost more in plumbing repair than in mortgage payments, hire a Sewer Inspection Galveston TX professional to set your mind at ease.

There are further reasons to get Sewer Inspection Galveston TX services for the sewer lines to your existing home. Again, there is the concern that tiny tree roots have made their way into small cracks and holes in the sewer lines, growing and expanding until a clogged line or a sewer backup occurs. If left alone, these roots can lead to the need for extensive excavation in order to repair the pipes. Some older homes have been built before the public sewer system was established. These homes may be sitting near or on an abandoned, but intact, cesspool which could also be connected to the sewer pipes. This could lead to a situation that is expensive as well as unpleasant. Some construction practices that were acceptable when the building was underway no longer live up to today’s codes and many older materials have suffered from severe degradation and can no longer serve in the function that they were initially installed to perform. These sewer lines and pipes will need to be replaced. Any and all repairs will be easier when you have had the opportunity to plan and prepare for the repairs instead of being caught in an emergency situation accompanied by the unpleasantness of regurgitating sewer lines.

The experts at Sewer Inspection Galveston TX agencies can provide you with the necessary inspections. The plumber will probably use a plumbing snake with an attached camera down into the plumbing and sewer pipes. From the video feed the plumber will be able to assess the condition of the home’s sewer system and can also pinpoint areas with clogs or damage. The plumber will be able to determine the types of materials that were used to construct the sewer system and if the system is up to today’s codes.

Whether you are looking at moving into an older home or are currently living in an older home, providing yourself with the helpful information received from Sewer Inspection Galveston TX experts can save you time, money and the unwanted experience of dealing with a damaged sewer system. Find a reliable Sewer Inspection Galveston TX agency today. Visit the website at

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