Pet Grooming for Beauty and Good Health

Good grooming is important for everyone, including pets. It may seem, when you see the multitude of products available, that some have gone overboard with their pet grooming. However, it is about more than just vanity. Everyone should want their furry friend to be clean and look beautiful, but Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA is also a health issue. Some breeds, such as Poodles, have hair rather than fur which will continue to grow unless trimmed. This hair can become tangled and matted quickly if it is not kept well cared for. These same breeds also have hair in their ears that if not plucked will cause painful ear infections. All dogs benefit from regular nail clippings as a broken nail can be very uncomfortable for them. Regular ear cleaning will keep their ears healthy and alert you to any issues early on. Grooming aids in eliminating fleas and ticks and the quick discovery and treatment of skin issues such as dandruff or eczema. Grooming is also an opportunity to find any dangerous looking moles or growths.

Regular grooming improves the health of the skin and the fur itself. Brushing the fur helps to distribute the oils at the base throughout the fur, keeping it glossy and soft. It pulls out loose and dead hair as well as any loose dirt that may be trapped in the fur. Brushing your dog regularly at home is a great idea, but you may need additional help for the more intensive pet grooming in Alexandria, VA. They are a pet boarding and day care site as well as a skilled grooming facility. Your pets can enjoy one of their grooming packages and are guaranteed to leave looking (and smelling) better than ever. Pets can be scheduled for grooming as part of their boarding stay or just as a grooming appointment on its own. All of their groomers are professionally trained and experienced. You can schedule your pet for what ever service they need, from a simple ear cleaning to the full set of services. Contact the kennel for more information.

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