Points To Remember When Hiring A Roofer

by | Aug 26, 2011 | home-garden

Whether you need to repair a small defect in your roof or require a major replacement work, hiring an honest and experienced roofer is the best idea. This way, you can easily save time and money. Reputed companies will examine your requirements closely and provide solutions that will accommodate your budget as well as needs.

What are the qualities you must look for in a roofing contractor? What are the services you must hire for construction of your roof? Here is an attempt to enlist all the necessary factors which you should keep in mind when hiring a roofing contractor:

1.       You should always hire a roofing professional who is well established and has an excellent business record. Ensure you check the references properly. You should also double check the quality of work provided by your chosen contractor. This can be done with the help of client testimonials. You can even ask your friends and neighbors about the companies they know or have hired. Such recommendations always help in making a wise decision.

2.       Always meet the contractor personally before hiring him. You should visit his office yourself, so that you can judge the quality of his services in a better way. You can even request for images, or photographs of his previous assignments. This will help you get a clearer picture of the work done by him.

3.       After you have shortlisted some of the roofing contractors, make sure that the concerned roofers visit your house. They should examine your terrace personally and give you details of the defect and expenses that will come along. This will even help you to view the roofer’s skills to some extent.

4.       Insurance and license are the most important things you should check before hiring such contractors. You should always ask your chosen roofer for a copy of his liability policy. Roofing professionals work in situations with substantial danger. Hence, you should always double-check these documents so that it ensures your’s as well as the worker’s safety. You should also take care that you choose a roofer who has the license to work in your area. This will provide you with a recourse, if any legal issue arises while the construction is on.

5.       Finally, before you sign the agreement with your roofing contractor, check all the details very carefully. Discuss about the warranty period and services that will be offered during that period.

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