Qualify for Rebates and Incentives with Certified Solar Power Kit Installation

The future of renewable energy has never been brighter, particularly for solar energy. Now that the federal tax incentive has been extended past 2016, homeowners will find that the combination of available rebates and incentives will push the ROI for investing in solar well over 15 percent. It makes good economic sense to convert to solar.

There is no doubt that the time to "go solar" has never been better, but the process of working through the available incentives to attain the maximum benefits can be intimidating. DIY projects are not difficult to construct, but have limited uses. For instance, in order to qualify for the 30 percent federal rebate and save that portion of the total cost of a solar system, it must be installed by NABCEP technicians and certified by municipal inspectors. The same procedure and requirements are in place for qualification to receive the other rebates and incentives offered at the state and provider levels. Solar Power Kit Installation, while not complicated can be dangerous and if done improperly can result in injury or worse.

The average homeowner does not possess the industry knowledge to find, apply for and receive all of the available incentives for converting to solar. Solar installation companies literally make it their business to stay informed of changes and opportunities. In California the cost of Solar Power Kit Installation can sometimes be amortized by rebates and incentives to the point of more than a 50 percent savings. Knowledge of the industry as it matures more than offsets the cost of hiring the right installation company.

Solar systems last for over 20 years. In fact, many installed over 30 years ago are still functioning and saving money for their owners. Choosing the best company, one which uses the most efficient panels and associated hardware and wiring will ensure continued savings. As with any major investment more than one potential company should be interviewed and multiple estimates compared. Due to the "solar boom" many new companies have entered the market, and care must be taken to choose the one best suited for each job. One of the longest standing companies in the southern California area is Solar Now, a family owned business. Their website is at solarnowsocal.com. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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