Questions You Should Ask a Plainfield Foot Doctor to Maintain Healthy Feet

Foot care professionals get a lot of questions from their patients about their feet. Your feet are easy to take for granted until there is an issue.

How frequently should you see a podiatrist? If you have experienced a foot injury, you need to see a podiatrist. If your foot is tingling or there is an infection, sore, open wound, or numbness for several days, your podiatrist can help. It is imperative to visit your foot doctor in Plainfield if you can’t walk or if you can’t put weight on your foot.

Can a foot doctor in Plainfield treat ankles? Absolutely. Part of a podiatrist’s formal education includes learning every aspect of the foot and the ankle. They can treat foot and ankle conditions, including sprains, heel spurs, hammertoes, and bunions. Anything that’s making it difficult for you to put pressure on your feet or to walk can be treated by your podiatrist.

Do podiatrists perform surgery? Yes. They are trained to do several types of surgeries. The most common surgeries include repairing broken ankles, feet, and toes. They may help with ingrown toenails and tendon and bunion surgery.

Did you know that podiatrists even cut toenails? For example, diabetic patients or patients with hard-to-cut toenails will visit a podiatrist. Trimming the nails on the toes of a diabetic foot needs to be done with caution. It can lead to severe secondary conditions.

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