Reasons Calling a Professional is Best for Handling AC Repair Near Palatine

Very often, when an air conditioning system is not cooling a home it can be due to issues with the blower unit on the system. Many times this unit can become clogged with dirt or have other issues, which will prevent cooled air from being circulated through the house. When this type of situation arises, it is best to call who handles a professional AC Repair Near Palatine.

One of the first things a technician will most likely do when coming to handle an AC repair is to spend some time inspecting the condition of the blower. The blower unit is generally housed in the attic, crawlspace or a utility closet in the home. This unit can often be used by the heating system as well. Because of this, it can become quite dirty if it is not cleaned on a regular basis.

Depending on the condition of the blower, the technician may spend time cleaning the blower to remove dirt, hair and other matter from the unit. The air filter will also be checked and replaced if it is too dirty to allow air to circulate through it. When these components are dirty, it can clog the unit and cause it to operate much harder than it was designed to do. This can be the cause of repair issues.

If the blower is working properly, the technician will need to inspect the motor on the unit. Many issues requiring AC Repair Near Palatine are caused by this motor not working correctly. The motor’s housing should be inspected for signs of damage, smoke or burns. The wires connecting the motor to the electricity should be checked to ensure the connections are secure and the wires are in good shape. If there are any issues, the technician may need to replace the motor and/or these wires. The fan and fan belt attached to the motor may also have been damaged and these components may need replacing as well.

When you are having issues with the way your air conditioning system is running, calling a professional is generally the best way to have the problem resolved quickly and efficiently. Contact Five Star Heating & Air Conditioning on (847) 359-4534 for more information.

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