Robotic Surgery Closure Benefits

A significant change in surgical procedures in the USA is the use of robotic surgery techniques. In 2012 only about 1.8% of procedures were completed using robotic technology. In 2018 that number had increased to approximately 15%. This number has continued to grow, largely moved due to the use of robotic technology in laparoscopic surgery.

Some of the major benefits of robotic surgery include the ability to use minimally invasive techniques. Using smaller tools and instruments and offering precision control, robotic surgeries are ideal for many common and previous difficult procedures.

The Benefits to Patients

The choice of robotic surgery includes less blood loss for patients, a faster recovery time, and less risk of developing an infection post-procedure. The choice of an innovative solution in robotic surgery closure adds to these benefits, helping patients to recover from any type of surgical procedure.

The use of this technology means robotic surgery closure is much easier. The incisions are smaller, and advances in closure processes make them faster and more efficient.

Thanks to specialized solutions for robotic surgery closure, there is less tension on the tissue, which means the patient feels less pain or discomfort during the healing process. Using absorbable anchors for the closure allows for uninterrupted healing while also promoting faster recovery and a lower risk of incision site infections.

As the benefits of robotic surgery are now well established through studies and research, the use of the technology will continue to expand. These procedures are now used for surgery on the heart, lungs, prostate, uterus, colon, and esophagus to name just a few procedures.

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