Should You Choose Used or New Auto Glass, Find a Specialist in Chicago

Many people in Chicago get cracked windshields and wonder what to do. Many times, they think that they can get a used windshield from a junkyard, but this isn’t likely to work. A new auto glass in Chicago is essential for windows and windshields because it is higher quality and isn’t likely to cause issues. Learning the differences between new and used glass products for automobiles can help you make the right decision for your vehicle.

Why Not Used?

In most cases, a used windshield isn’t likely to come out of the vehicle whole. It’s very easy to break or otherwise damage the glass because it’s already been used. Likewise, windshield glass isn’t designed to come out of the vehicle in which it’s glued. If you have a highly skilled technician, they may be able to get the glass out without breaking it, but even if they use the utmost care possible, the windshield is likely to break. Plus, you have to deal with nicks, chips, and cracks in the glass, especially from the edges when it is removed.

In most cases, cracks happen at the edge and work their way inward. Therefore, you can buy used glass and have it installed, but you’re likely to get more cracks during temperature changes or at the car wash. It’s better to go with a new glass from a reputable source.

Why New?

The primary advantage of using new glass is that it is going to be high-quality. It won’t have any flaws or scratches, and it’s never been sealed to a vehicle front, so you don’t have to worry about cracking. It may also fit better in your vehicle, which reduces the risk of leaking.

New auto glass is essential if your current windshield is cracked or damaged. Visit Frank’s Auto Glass in Chicago to learn more.

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