Signs It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Wood Fence in Atlanta, GA

Having a wood fence around your property is a great way to add some privacy and keep kids and pets contained. While wood fences can last for a long time, they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. When that day comes, calling a fencing company in Atlanta, GA, can be beneficial. Below are some signs that your fence needs to be fixed.

Broken or Damaged Boards

One of the most visible signs that your fence needs to be repaired is having broken or damaged boards. Weather and impacts can weaken wood, and if there are pieces missing from the boards or the entire board is gone, it’s a good idea to get these replaced.

Sagging or Leaning Fence

If your wooden fence seems to be leaning or sagging, then this is another sign that you need to call a fencing company in Atlanta, GA, to get it fixed. In some cases, the fix may be as easy as putting in some new fenceposts. In other cases, if the wood is broken or rotting, then replacing the entire fence might need to occur. A professional will be able to tell you which route you’ll need to take.

Insect Damage

If you notice holes, boring or gnawing in your fence, this could be a sign that it’s infested with insects. Since these can create structural damage, getting your fence replaced might be the only way to get rid of this issue.

If you are seeing signs that it’s time to replace your fence, contact Summit Fence, LLC at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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