Solid Arguments for Hiring an Attorney After Being Exposed to Toxins

When you start your career, you never presume that it will come to an end because of a serious injury or illness. However, when you work in industries that expose you to substances like diesel, you could develop debilitating or fatal sicknesses that bring your career and life to a premature end.

If your employer purposely or accidentally exposed you to such dangers, it could owe you compensation under federal and state statutes. By hiring a diesel exhaust cancer lawyer, you can pursue this level of recourse in court.

Determining the Extent of Your Punitive Damages

As someone who suffers from diesel exhaust cancer, you spend much of each day just trying to survive. You wake up to breathtaking pain and nausea that leave you ridden to your bed.

Given the amount of suffering that you endure each day, you have the right to sue your employer for punitive damages. Your lawyer can base the amount for which you sue on the extent of your physical, emotional, and mental suffering that you experience on a daily basis.

The amount of money that you win in a lawsuit may not end this pain. However, it will hold your employer accountable for its actions and possibly prevent it from exposing future employees to the same dangers.

Taking a Settlement

Your employer may not want to endure the embarrassment and negativity of a trial. To keep its name out of the media, it could offer you a settlement.

Your lawyer can make sure that the settlement offer is fair for what you face now as a result of your illness. He or she can also make sure it covers your future financial needs.

You can find out more about hiring a diesel cancer lawyer from Chicago online. Contact Diesel Injury Law for information.

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