Some Information About Different Kinds Of Partial Dentures

Dentures are used to fill in the gaps created due to missing teeth. These help in chewing food and also to maintain proper face structure. Dentures are basically of two types – complete and partial. These are designed and made in such a way that you will not differentiate between these false teeth and the original ones.

There are people who have lost a few teeth on their upper and lower jaws. They generally hesitate to smile in public and sometimes lose their confidence. When one or more teeth are lost, the remaining teeth eventually shift their place to fill the vacant place. Thus, people get a unpleasant and disoriented facial appearance. However, they can get rid of this problem by opting for partial false teeth.

Partial artificial teeth are of two types – removable and fixed. Dentists prescribe partial dentures as the condition of teeth surrounding the gaps. Let us now discuss about various kinds of partial false teeth in details.

Fixed Partial dentures

These are commonly termed as “dental implant bridges”. These help in attaching false teeth directly under tissues of gum or to a jaw. These are more popular than removable types as these resemble almost identical to the original teeth. These also ensure you get comfort and feel free to use anytime, anywhere. These are recommended when you lose more than one teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures

As the name suggests, these can be used and removed whenever you want. The features include artificial teeth, metal framework, metal clasps and resin base element. These actually fill gaps between real teeth with an artificial one which is attached with a plastic base. The color of this base is same as the gum to make sure you do not look ugly while smiling.

After losing teeth, most people lose their confidence and forget to smile in front of others. False teeth are chosen to help them get back their gorgeous smile and confidence. Expert dentists will help you to get dentures of your choice. They will make sure you look great and carry these false teeth comfortably. If you face any problem using these artificial teeth, you can seek assistance of trained and well qualified dental practitioners.

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