Starting on the Road to Recovery with the Help of a Drug Rehab Center

While getting an addict to acknowledge his or her addiction is the first step in the treatment process, the next equally important step is to identify an appropriate drug rehab center. According to many addiction experts, the success of the rehab programs depends on the placing of patients in a new and unfamiliar environment that allows old habits to be broken and encourages healthy living.

Getting patients out of their normal environments reduces the chances that these old habits will lead to further abuse. It doesn’t matter how far the drug rehab center is from the patient’s home; all that matters is how different it is from the patient’s usual surroundings.
Inpatient Treatment Programs

While the ideal choice for rehabilitation would be a residential drug rehab center, it isn’t practical or affordable for many people. Unless someone doesn’t have to worry about earnings, work commitments rule a residential rehab center out of contention leaving outpatient treatment facilities as the only possible option for treatment for most addicts.

Regardless of the type of the drug rehab center (inpatient or outpatient), you have to decide whether a tailored program is a necessity for the patient, or if a non-tailored, generic program will suffice. Tailored programs take into account factors like lifestyle habits, work, and socio-economic background of the patient and provide treatment accordingly. The generic programs, on the other hand, are more of a universal treatment option, which have been developed to cater to a wide variety of addicts.

Tailored Recovery Programs

Tailored programs offered by drug rehab centers are specifically meant for people who have an above average likelihood of succumbing to drug or alcohol abuse. For example, professional athletes are susceptible to abusing prescription drugs, whereas musicians are more likely to use illegal drugs. For some reason, people working in creative fields have a higher likelihood of getting addicted to certain drugs. Similarly, the elderly are more prone to abusing prescribed drugs or alcohol. These examples aren’t meant to point a figure at any particular group of people, but simply identify that people with certain backgrounds might benefit from a tailored program should they become addicted.

For most, a general program will be the most practical choice of drug rehab center. In this type of program the recovering addict will encounter others from every socio-economic background and walk of life. For many addicts, the realization that addiction does not discriminate is a crucial first step in the recovery process. Once addicts work through the negative feelings they have about themselves, they can connect to others who are facing the same struggles and form relationships that will help them on the road to lasting recovery.

Once the patient completes the inpatient portion of the recovery program, these relationships can be very helpful to all involved, as the bonds formed during recovery are quite strong. Those recovering together bond further as they tackle the challenges of facing their addictions ‘in the real world’.

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