The 20 Minute Sales Success Check Up

Your company has huge prospects, no matter what its scale and capability. A smaller unit has a few advantages, just like its limits. Smaller teams can organize better than the larger competitors. The smaller company can brand itself better locally. A smaller team can retain more profits because of the smaller income divisions. There is a positive end to having limited production capability.

We live in a globalized economy, with many advantages over the yesteryears. In the old school way of things, the larger you are, the better you can reach international clientele. However, the internet has radically changed the rules in this 21st century power economy. The smallest manufacturers and companies can outsource work from across the globe. Time and distance have been made inconsequential to business communication, and cut international communication costs to a fraction of what it was before. Similarly, advertising and marketing costs have come down. So unleash the power of your company with a 20 minute sales success check up.

These simple steps will take you about 20 minutes to check up, and they are vital. Just before you send your sales team out to capture the market and bring in the money, you must –

  • Check their available resources, information, and instructions see how you can fill in the possible unrealized blind spots.
  • Ensure communication is impeccable. Both public information and intra – team coordination must be at 100% efficiency! Communication is the key to business success.
  • Check whether your team has received enough training on the products and services they are about to sell. Go over their product manuals and training details.
  • Never turn the race for success into a rat race to sell first. A day’s delay is no issue in a game that will continue for long. Take your time to be sure everything is perfect.
  • Make sure that the research has come in with no misinformation about the target market and that your expectations from the sales team are justifiable.
  • Keep emergency funds ready just in case an instant investment needs to be made.
  • Call in the stake holders and have a meeting about the future speculations and scopes of each endeavor. If the stake holders know the risks, you’re saving your reputation in case things turn volatile, giving you space to re-strategize.
  • Know your competition and study the recent news. Your information should be as current as possible. Any new developments about the industry need to be communicated immediately. The better informed you are, the better your 20 minute sales success check up.

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