The Door Has to Be Opened First

Walk the halls of any high school in the United States and you can find at least one adolescent driver who has already had a run in with a garage door. It isn’t just teen drivers, however, who have experienced this difficulty. A cursory search through the Internet will reveal that adult drivers from across the country have either backed through their closed garage doors or plowed through them from the driveway into the garage. Sometimes the cause is a slipped foot off of the gas pedal. Sometimes an opener that didn’t work or a failure to check the rearview mirror. It is not unheard of for a driver in the driveway to think that the car is in reverse when it is actually in drive. The foot is applied to the gas pedal and wham, through the garage door they go. But we don’t even have to look throughout the country to discover these incidents; some have happened right here in Chicago

Regardless of the age of the driver, the causes behind the mishap, or where it happened, one thing is for certain: A new garage door is going to be needed. When it comes time for the new door to be installed, professional garage door installation should be non-negotiable. There are a number of reasons why professional installation is all but required for garage doors.

First, garage doors are extremely heavy. It is one thing to replace a bedroom door in a home, or even the front door of a house, but a garage door that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds is more than a little bit unwieldy. Garage door companies have the tools and the personnel to handle that kind of weight. The bottom line is that despite how handy a homeowner may be, unless garage door installation comprises the list of expertise, everyone is better off if professionals do the work.

The second reason for professional installation is that modern garage doors work by a system of torsion springs. Torsion springs provide the energy necessary to open and close such heavy garage doors. Consequently, torsion springs have a great teal of tension behind them and require special tools for installation and adjustment. An improperly installed spring can break and cause serious injury or even death. It could also cause the garage door to fall. Again, remember that the door is very heavy. If the door were to fall on a DIY installer, the results would be disastrous at best, if not fatal.

No one wants to spend more than they have to for a new garage door installation; however, the frustration avoided and the safety gained with quality installation professionals right here in Chicago are more than worth the cost.

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