The Many Benefits of Using a Dog Urine Cleaner

Carpets take a great deal of abuse, and because of normal use, carpeting can pick up various stains. However, even though some stains are rather stubborn to remove, stains that can be extremely problematic are dog urine stains. Unfortunately, even the most well-trained dog will have accidents from time to time, and in many situations, something about carpets seems to make dogs want to urinate in the same place over and over again. That’s why dog owners may look for specialty services from a carpet cleaner like a Dog Urine Cleaner.

Stain Removal

This process of cleaning is similar to standard carpet cleaning, but there are other things that are typically added to this specialized service that may not be standard for regular carpet cleaning. The surface stain itself is typically easy to remove. However, the way that dog urine can penetrate not only the carpet backing but the floor that the carpet sits on is what is typically addressed when specialized dog urine cleaning is performed.

Removing the Residue

The urine itself can actually damage the fibers of the carpet as well as the backing and the padding. This is why it’s important to act quickly to clean up dog urine once it is spotted. It is also why specialized cleaners and even higher levels of suction than average carpet cleaning will be used when dealing with dog urine.

Combating Odors

Not only is removing the residual urine important for the condition and the look of the carpet, it is also especially important to how the carpet smells. Dog urine has a way of getting into the fibers of a carpet and the odor can be quite overpowering as well as difficult to remove. A Dog Urine Cleaner will typically include a special component to help remove unpleasant dog urine odors from a carpet regardless of how saturated or how long it has been sitting on the carpet.

Pets are a wonderful thing, but accidents happen and using a carpet cleaning service that can remove stains and urine so that your carpet isn’t damaged while successfully removing odors from your carpet is invaluable. If you’d like to learn more about these or other types of carpet cleaning services, you may want to check out You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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