The Ten Most Asked Questions about Land Trusts

When it comes to property matters, people need to be 100% sure of what they are doing. Handing over the responsibility of your real estate to a third party is great to save yourself from legal tangles and taxation constrictions, but investigating the subject thoroughly is pertinent. Here are the ten most asked questions about land trusts –

  1. Why go for Land Trusts? Personal property ownership has taxation issues unless you effectively prepare yourself against such mandatory fees. With third party trustees, you can protect yourself from taxes, legal tangles, and keep your name off the financial record books.

  2. Is it safe to entrust your property to a third party? Yes, the legal papers still hold you owner, with a trustee holding responsibilities for it. It’s a perfectly safe process to rely upon.

  3. Is a lawyer necessary? Usually, lawyers have very little knowledge of such matters, but you are welcome to involve your lawyer to scrutinize the documents and ensure your ends.

  4. Are taxes involved with land trusts? Yes, since this comes under a ‘gift’ of property, a ‘gift tax’ will apply to the trust. However, depending on the particulars of your case, you can work out the tax amount with the trustee. Usually, in case of a commercial property, the trustee has vested financial interests and they will share the burden of the gift tax or cover it completely.

  5. Will I still have rental income from a property that I have given to trustee? If you have rental income from your property, you are perfectly due to receive the same. However, the financial dispersion of rental income is usually spilt between the trustee and owner.

  6. Will my property value depreciate under a land trust? No! Land trusts do not mean any depreciation of your property. The land will continue to rise in value with time as per the current market status and you will reap all relative benefits.

  7. If I am a foreign national, how ill land trusts help me? Being a foreign national, you can hold property in US soil only with a huge tax burden, or by having a land trustee to represent your interests.

  8. Who to consult for such issues? The best person to consult regarding land trusts is a real estate professional with considerable experience on the matters of trusts.

  9. What will be the time constraints on a trusted land? There are always time stipulations to trusts, and they can be renewed from time to time.

  10. Who are the best trustees? For land trusts, NGOs and NPOs are the best people to depend on, since they offer various tax benefits while keeping your property value safe.

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