The Top Three Rules of Traveling with Cannabis

If there’s something you can learn from country music legend Willie Nelson’s recent touring days, it’s that nothing is a bigger drag than catching an unconstitutional drug charge. Someday marijuana will be legal and accepted almost everywhere, but until that day arrives, there are three important steps that every 420-observer should take to protect themselves when they travel.

Don’t Smoke and Drive

Everything that reduces the smell of marijuana reduces your risk of getting caught with it. Smoking in your vehicle is taking a massive risk. Even if you manage to swallow a joint before the officer gets to your car, you can still be charged with possession, driving under the influence and possibly even obstruction of justice. You are far better off to pull over somewhere remote and smoke outside of your vehicle than you are to light up while driving. You should apply eye drops and fabric spray before you get back on the road.

Stash Like a Pro

Marijuana should be hidden underneath the hood or in the fender, as these areas are unlikely to be searched during a routine traffic stop. Unless you happen to be traveling in a “free” state, it is highly recommended that you forgo traditional cannabis whenever possible and travel instead with a cannabis oil cartridge. Although less detectable than traditional bud, they’re just as illegal, so it’s highly advised that affix them to a magnet and hide them in the undercarriage. Hold off on that natural bud in Edmonds WA and just stick with a vaporizer while you’re on vacation.

Know When to Say Yes

There is something magical about the scent of marijuana when it comes to law enforcement. If you deny their search request, then they will magically detect it–even when you don’t have any. Saying no to the cops is just not a real thing, because even if they decide to play along when you refuse, a special dog will be sent by the government to find out if your Fourth Amendment rights still click here or not, and only the police can talk to the dog. You should be prepared to say yes to a search of your vehicle’s interior at any time.

By exercising these simple precautions, acting carefully, and employing common sense, you can help ensure that you make it back to rolling legal bud in Edmonds WA without ever needing a DUI lawyer in Idaho.

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