The Value of Custom Sunglasses as a Marketing Tool

Even people with 20/20 vision wear glasses – sunglasses, that is – during the summer and even other times of the year to keep the glare of the sun out of their eyes and better enable them to drive safely, read more easily, and generally function without discomfort. Everyone has at least one pair of sunglasses. Why not add to their collection with a pair of stylish custom sunglasses branded with your company’s name and/or logo?
If you decide to use branded sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful campaign:

Give the people what they want. While it may seem cost effective to buy only one type of sunglasses – quantity purchases usually lead to more discounted prices – consider how people actually buy sunglasses. They choose among a variety of styles and shapes. Give your clients a similar experience. Offer sunglasses in two, three, or even four different styles or colors. The more personalized the look, the more likely the recipient will be to wear it –and display your logo.

Don’t go cheap. Again, it may be tempting to choose quantity over quality, but consider the product and its intended use. If your goal is for clients to really use the sunglasses – and thereby promote your brand – don’t skimp. Sunglasses that break in their first outing in the beach bag won’t do your marketing efforts much good. Your client and the trash collector will be the only two people your message reaches.

Consider location and time of year. As you choose among all of your options for promoting your product, take into account season and geography as well. For example, using sunglasses as a promotional tool in Chicago in January is probably not a wise choice. While recipients may hold on to your giveaway until the weather is more conducive to using shades, most will probably have misplaced or lost theirs by then.

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