These Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago Are Here for You on Your Worst Day

You may not think you’ll ever need help from Chicago personal injury attorneys until you do. People injured in an accident caused by someone else often think the offending person’s insurance will make everything better. Unfortunately,
better usually has a different meaning for the insurance company than for the injured person.

Personal Injury Law

A Chicago personal injury attorneys can help you recover financial compensation when you have been injured in an accident. Some of the functions a personal injury lawyer performs for clients include.

• Explaining your rights

• Investigate your case

• Connect you with medical providers

• Deal with the insurance company on your behalf

• And more

One of the most valuable services your lawyer can perform for his clients is ensuring that they receive the compensation they deserve. Injuries caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness are damages the at-fault party needs to pay.

Damages and Recovery

Common damages personal injury lawyers seek compensation for include:

Medical treatment

• Loss of income

• Property loss

• Pain and suffering

• And more

Presenting a clear picture of your damages can be vital to your recovery.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are many types of personal injury cases our Chicago personal injury attorney’s handle. Examples include

• Motor Vehicle Accident

• Medical Malpractice

• Wrongful Death

• Workplace Accident

• Premises Liability

• And many others

If you were injured because of someone’s carelessness, for a Free Case Evaluation please visit Shea Law Group today.

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