This Chicago Law Firm Helps Drivers Get Back on the Road of Life

In the case of a suspended or revoked license in the windy city, legal counsel is ready, willing, and available to help. Partnering with a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Chicago eases the daunting process of getting back on the road. Life doesn’t stop just because of the loss of driving privileges and a capable attorney understands this very well. Be sure to read on to find out what step to take before civil authorities render their final decision.

When the law informs a driver that they must now answer to the state by written notice, it’s no laughing matter. However, there is a temporary remedy in the form of a restricted driving permit or (RDP). The restricted driving permit is so important because it gives those who are in a bind but are required to drive for a living some wiggle room while Secretary of State hearing officers determine whether or not to reinstate a driver’s privileges. If any part of the process is unclear, remember that a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Chicago is a great source of information.

Emphasis should be placed on the word “restricted” due to the specific nature of the regulation. When granted an RDP, drivers are allowed to drive at certain times of the day in pre-determined, designated areas.

During the informal/formal hearing process prescribed by the state, it is vital that drivers provide proof that temporary access to a motor vehicle is required for work, school, or any court-appointed classes. At Johnson & Goldrich, PC, driving is a necessity and they treat it as such. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the law firm or pay a visit today.

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