Three Reasons Homeowners Need Stump Grinding In Fountain Inn, SC

Many homeowners don’t like the appearance of tree stumps in their yards, but in addition to ruining the look of the landscape, there are other reasons to remove the stumps. Read the information below to learn three more reasons homeowners should contact a company that performs Stump Grinding in Fountain Inn, SC.

Averts Termites and Tree Diseases

Decaying tree stumps in the yard make the perfect habitat for termites. If the stump is near the house, termites can easily travel into the home and cause an infestation. Tree stumps that are contaminated by certain tree diseases can spread the disease to other trees in the yard and cause them to become unhealthy. When homeowners contact a Stump Grinding in Fountain Inn, SC, the entire stump is removed so it can no longer carry diseases and harbor termites.

Simplifies Lawn Care

When mowing a lawn with tree stumps, homeowners have to mow around the perimeter of the stump and take special care not to hit the protrusion. They also have the extra job of using a weed trimmer to remove the grass growing next to the stumps. Short stumps can damage a lawn mower blade if they’re accidentally run over when mowing the grass. When there aren’t any obstacles in the yard, mowing the grass is simplified and the job doesn’t take as long.

Prevents Safety Hazards

Stumps left in the yard can cause injuries when someone trips over them. Landing on the top of a tree stump can also cause a person to hurt themselves or break a bone. If a guest trips over the stump, the homeowner may be responsible for paying the injured person’s medical bills. Homeowners can keep their family members and guests safe by contacting a professional company that specializes in stump grinding in Fountain Inn, SC. After grinding out the stump, the yard will no longer be hazardous and will have a nicer appearance.

Homeowners who want to have the stumps in their yards removed by a professional company can contact American Advance Tree. These tree experts also provide plant health care, tree and shrub pruning, fertilization, and removal. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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