Tips to Help You Choose Between Buying a New and Used Vehicle in Illinois

Have you recently moved to the state of Illinois and have found that taking public transportation is less than ideal as you are often late for work? If so, then you are probably considering acquiring a vehicle to help support all your needs but are unsure how or where to start as you have always relied on the local mass transit system.

New or Used

The first question that may come to mind is whether or not you should buy a new or used vehicle. Choosing between the two options can be difficult as there are many advantages and disadvantages between them. Here is some advice. Factors like budget, parking, and maintenance costs should be considered. It is recommended, however, to acquire a used vehicle as it can lower your costs.


Maybe you have decided that obtaining a pre-owned vehicle will be beneficial and are now searching through classified ads to find one. Once you have found a suitable vehicle, do not forget that you will need to transfer the title ownership to your name. But how?

Expert Services

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