Top Tips from Conversion Rate Experts

A search for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on Google throws up 4,590,000 results in 0.24 seconds. Most of these are software or websites that are offering the service and promising ‘guaranteed’ high returns. They would have you believe that they can double, triple, quadruple your business overnight or increase Conversion rates from 20% to 400%. Conversion rate experts on the other hand explain that just like every business is unique, so are CRO strategies. A keen understanding of the business, the target audience and the sales strategy is required to truly optimize on one’s website to gain sales. Web pages that offer 501 tips to increase conversion rates seldom have your customized needs in mind. Hire reliable service providers who can deploy these personalized techniques and give you concrete results. Experts agree though that there are some strategic steps that are common to all.

Conversion Rate Experts: Ways to Gain High Conversion Rates

Conversion rate experts state that foremost, the obvious common technicalities that need to be taken care of are improving the accessibility of your web pages. Take care of loading speed and provide the users the adaptability to all browsers. Designing graphics, embedding video are other tactics to encourage visitors toward your call to action.

Create: The content generated should also be such that it informs the users and incites them to take action. However, never underestimate the intellect of the user and generate offers that you would be eager to indulge in too. Understand the need of the user who has landed onto your page and make efforts to cater to it. Reduce distraction and keep it simple to direct the users.

M.A.P. for the user: Match the expectations of your users. Address the needs by being informative and Point them forward to your call to action buttons. Conversion rate experts recommend using conversion centered design principles to guide visitors towards your intended conversion goal (via directional cues and fewer interaction points).

Point of Action: The point of action is a delicate standpoint when the user is deciding upon the action he/she needs to take. Make it easy for them to tip over to your side by asking for fewer details and not daunting them to sign up. Make the web pages interactive so that users have a participatory experience that they would want to return to.

Keep testing your conversion tests using time-split tests, A/B split tests and multivariate tests to track the growth in the rate. Use eye-tracking software to know how to design your landing page. Hire content service providers, they are conversion rate experts who understand your customer. With them you can not only improve sales but also enhance your image as a credible, reputable, popular business.



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