Two Major Reasons To Choose Endoscopic Spine Surgery

One of the most common types of procedures used in many pain management clinics is endoscopic spine surgery. NJ pain management clinics that specialize in back pain will recommend this procedure for a number of different conditions. It is very effective in treatment and, when used in conjunction with rehabilitation and pain management, it is considered one of the best options for many patients.

Smaller Incision

Endoscopic spine surgery in NJ spine and pain management clinics is a much less stressful procedure than traditional types of spinal surgery for the patient. This is because the minimally invasive nature of the procedure requires an incision that is about one seventh the size of a traditional incision. This smaller incision results in decreased issues with pain, infection and even with scarring after the procedure is complete.

Minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery in NJ, with the small incision, requires a shorter recovery time for the patient. This means that the patient can get back to their family, lives, work and daily routines much faster than with traditional surgery.

Technology Benefits

Unlike traditional types of back surgery, technology is at the heart of the success of endoscopic spine surgery. NJ spine specialists that are trained in this technique use a very tiny endoscope to be able to see what they are doing without having to open up the area with an incision. Since there is no cutting of the tissue there is less recovery required and much less chance of pain during the healing process.

The technology of the endoscope also proves the doctor with the ability to clearly see the issue that is causing the patient pain. It may be a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, or a protruding disc that is pressing against the spinal cord and creating the pain. Again, this is all done without the major trauma to the layers of muscle around the spine, speeding up your recovery even with the most complicated procedures.

It is important to discuss any concerns that you may have with the procedure if you are considering endoscopic spine surgery. NJ specialists will help you determine if this is the best option to treat, manage or eliminate your back pain.

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