Types of Christmas Chocolate Molds

For the festive season, few things bring holiday cheer like delicious treats made using Christmas chocolate molds in different shapes. With the wide variety of shapes available it is easy to get fanciful shapes to suit your mood. These treats are great for parties, to give as gifts or as novelties at dinners or just for good family fun.

Types of Molds

For Christmas, you can find molds in the shapes of stars, animals and Christmas houses.

These are normally made from plastic, but some are made from silicone, metal or rubber. Plastic molds are commonly used by hobbyists and those persons who like working with chocolate at home. These are a lot cheaper than other kinds, but still work well to create the desired shapes. The first types of these items were made from metal but this is not used much anymore. Polycarbonate used to be the choice of professionals only due to the cost, but this is no longer the case. If you love making these treats, it is possible to buy these molds for reasonable prices from some baking suppliers. Those made from silicone are non-stick so it is easy to take out the treats. All the material used to make these molds is FDA-approved so they are safe to use. When you buy these items, ask about what types of chocolate are best for use in them. Stores that sell baking supplies will be able to provide this information. 

Types of Chocolate

The best types of chocolate to use when creating treats in Christmas chocolate molds are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and other types of low temperature chocolate.

Cleaning the Mold

To keep the mold in good condition, you should wash it in warm water, but do not use soap. If soap is used it can seep into the plastic and affect the taste of the next batch of chocolate. While some can be placed in the dishwasher, it is safer to just hand wash them regardless of the material used to make them. This will help them last longer.

These molds are extremely versatile and some can be used to make chocolate treats in different shapes. Even those made for Christmas chocolate treats can be used for other occasions as well.

For a wide assortment of Christmas chocolate molds visit Nycake to see what is available. You will find that the prices are affordable and you can order different types to help give a festive flair to your holiday event.

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