Types of Siding in Grand Rapid

Siding is an essential part of a house hold. There are so many types of siding that you need to pick the right one in order to save money both in installation as well as in the long run. There are many home owners who don’t give due importance to their siding. But siding, along with the roof, helps protect the home from the external elements. You need to focus a big chunk of your renovation investment in siding.

A siding that is old and worn out, allows external elements to get in the household. This not only raises your heating and cooling costs, but also puts your family’s health at risk as damaged siding gives rise to mold and mildew.

Here are the popular types of siding option for your home –

Wood Siding

Wood siding is the oldest type that carries a lot of aesthetic value. Normally seen on historic homes thus highlighting their aesthetic value, wood siding has been used since centuries. Wood siding requires ample maintenance. Frequent painting, cleaning is not a good option for people looking to save money. Pine, Redwood and Cedar are mostly preferred.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has been a popular choice owing to its low maintenance. It comes in prefinished textures and colors, like wood and shingle. However, home owners must know that Aluminum siding is prone to denting and tends to be noisy during strong gusts.

Vinyl Siding

American home owners increasingly prefer vinyl siding owing to its durability and low cost. Insulation is a worry but this form of siding has rapidly made improvements and modern ones come with insulation.

Cement Fiber Siding

It is a cheap, durable and a low-maintenance alternative to other options. Made of various recycled materials, it easily duplicates the look of wood siding. You can be rest assured of the pricing as these can last for five decades. They give a good value for money.

When you are looking for the right contractor for the job, you need to ask them of the kind of products they have. As siding involves a considerable amount of money, you need to be extremely careful while selecting the contractor for the job. Make sure to clarify the license, bond as well as affiliations of the contractor. When it comes to finding the perfect contractor in siding, Grand Rapids residents and business owners will find the above tips to be helpful.


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