Understanding the Bail Process in Terrell TX to Get Out of Jail

Understanding the Bail Process in Terrell, TX, to Get Out of Jail

Bailing yourself out of jail involves far more than just calling a bail bond agent and asking him or her to front the cash for you. You also must agree to an in-depth process that binds you to a legal contract between you and the bail bond agency.

Before you sign up for the bail process in Terrell, TX, it is critical that you understand what to anticipate once you are out of jail. You can then abide by the terms of the contract and avoid having a new warrant put out for your arrest.

Putting Up Collateral

One of the main parts of the process involves putting up collateral to secure the full amount of your bail. Even the agent only posts your bond, or 10 percent of the bail amount, you still have to secure the full bail price. This collateral gets sold if you abscond and do not show up to court.

The agency will sell the collateral to pay your bail to the court. The agent who posted your bond will also ask the court to issue a new arrest warrant for you.

As long as you show up to court, you can avoid paying the full amount of bail to the agency. You only have to pay off your bond. You can find out more about the bail process in Terrell, TX, online. Go to Bailbondskaufmancounty.com today.

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