Uses Of Solar Energy In Southern California

by | Apr 17, 2012 | tech-geek

Number of installations for multiple uses of solar energy in Southern California has increased over the years. Subsidy programs for alternate energy usage and green pricing policies have encouraged the adaptation of solar power and stimulated the demand. This article provides more details on the usage of solar energy in various applications.

Residential Usage For Solar Energy In Southern California

Solar energy in Southern California for residential usage is generally used by installing the photovoltaic panels on the buildings and connecting it to the electricity grid. Photovoltaic panels supply electricity and if there is excess electricity produced, it is exported back to the grid. The grid takes care of any additional demand and hence a battery back-up system is not required. Battery storage is helpful if you want to be independent of the grid supply. Electricity from solar energy is quite useful and cost effective for the vacation homes that are in remote areas without ready access to the grid. If these homes happen to be in sunny locations then electricity produced is quite reliable.

Talk to the solar company to learn about the equipment you will need to meet the basic needs. Photovoltaic panels with a rechargeable battery and a regulator are the basic components of the system.

Commercial and Industrial usage for solar energy in Southern California

PV panels can be used on roof of an office building, a factory or a warehouse. For flat roofs, you can use arrays of panels without breaching the roof membrane. Skylights can also be partially covered with photo voltaic panels. Vertical walls, balconies and sunshades can also be used for PV installation.

Solar energy has been a very useful power supply options for industrial usage in remote locations. Electricity generated through solar energy has the added advantage of being reliable and requires low maintenance. Other industrial usages are for light houses, offshore navigational buoys, traffic warning signals and air craft warning light structures. If the required electricity load for a usage is high then augmenting solar energy with a diesel generator is often a cost-effective solution.

Utility scale power plants that use thermal solar energy usually have multiple parabolic mirrors to direct the sun’s rays to a heat receiver to generate steam and turn a turbine. PV power plants use solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight.

Remote Applications for solar energy in Southern California

Solar energy is especially beneficial for providing electricity in distant and remote locations such as clinics, schools or any other remote buildings. Apart from supplying electricity, PV systems can also be used to pump water. Solar water pumps are designed for such operations. Another use of PV powered application is in the large scale desalination plants.

While planning for a PV system, talk to experts for solar energy in South Carolina about adding a small diesel generator to meet power requirements in less than ideal sunlight conditions.

Solar energy South California has multiple applications and uses. HSC Inc. can help you with free estimates on solutions that is right for you. Visit their website at for more information.


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