Using Fake Snow Powder for Shows and Demonstrations

Fake snow powder is a super absorbent polymer that expands dramatically when water is added to the powder. The snow will expand to 50 to 100 times the original size, making a little go a long way. It’s the perfect component for shows and demonstrations to impress your audience or provide a realistic look and feel to a demonstration. There are many different ways for both professionals and amateurs to take advantage of fake snow

Fake Snow for Magic Shows

Buy artificial fake snow powder which is perfect for magicians who perform at birthday parties or schools. It’s a great way to add special effects to your show. Even the act of turning a small bag of powder into a bucket of snow will amaze young children. Because the snow is safe, it also works well if you want to toss it over the audience or blow it at someone as you make something disappear. There are so many uses for this powder that your imagination is the only thing that will limit what you do with it.
Perfect for Winter Plays

Schools and churches that put on winter plays and shows can take advantage of fake snow powder by SnoWonder to create realistic backdrops and scenery. You can use the fake powder to create a few gallons of snow that will work well to decorate fake trees, the stage, rooftops of stage decorations, and even areas in the audience. The snow is easy to clean up, coming right up with a simple vacuum. It’s not something that will spread all over the place and become a mess, making it perfect for preschool productions, too.
Use as an Effect for Direct Sales Shows

Whenever you sell products through home shows, you need to make the products stand out. Fake snow powder is the perfect accessory for winter shows. You can place it on the surface of your display tables or use it to showcase how customers can use your products for holiday centerpieces and decorations. Because it’s easy to clean up, you won’t ruin the host’s home and you will create visual impact that may increase your sales. With so many different ways to use snow powder, you’re only limited by your imagination. For more information, visit our profile at:

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