Visit Word Of Life This Christmas To See “All Scrooged Up,” The Church Event Of The Season

Christmas is the perfect time to let the Lord into your life. Join Christians around the world in the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Experience the joy that comes from the love of God, the love of people and the love of life.

See All Scrooged Up This Christmas

All Scrooged Up, presented by Word of Life, will bring a smile to all. This beautiful live production is drawn from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his search to regain love once lost. Bring the whole family to celebrate the Christmas season and enjoy this humorous and inspirational Church Event. Visit for dates and times.

Find Your Church Home at Word of Life

A church home is a place where you feel happy, loved and loving. Word of Life was founded in 1984 by senior pastors Art and Kuna Sepulveda in Honolulu, Hawaii. They didn’t think that the world needed another religious institution; instead, they founded a church that speaks God’s word to the hearts of His people. The church is alive with hope and love, powerful with the strength of faith and compassion. They focus on making people’s lives better as they grow in faith and follow Jesus.

Life Groups

Worshiping with a large number of others is uplifting and inspirational, but a small group can strengthen and encourage in a more personal way. Life Groups are small, weekly gatherings of people who encourage each other with life’s challenges, pray for one another and mature in their faith together, becoming devoted followers of Christ.

Each group is different, so new members are encouraged to visit a few Life Groups before choosing the group which fits the best. Walk the path with others as you do life together. You will find that this popular Church Event will become a very important part of your life.

Bring the Kids

Kidz Life offers programs for kids of all ages. Emerge ministers to teens, both middle school and high school. The pastors are committed to transforming each teen into a fully devoted follower of Christ. They understand the temptations and pressures these kids face every day and instill the tools needed to stand strong in their faith.

Word of Life is waiting to be your home. This is a place where people are encouraging each other’s progress and joy as they do life together. You can also like them on Facebook.

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