What Are the Popular Types of Skylights Indiana?

Installing skylights can decrease your energy bill by up to 20% a year, as they decrease the use of heaters and electric lighting. A study by the Heschong Mahone Group in retail stores reveal that they can save around $.62/square foot/year by installing the right skylighting solutions. To achieve these savings, a retail store in Indiana must contact the most reputable providers of skylights Indiana. They can guide you on the various types of skylighting solutions and recommend the best one for your needs.

Skylights Indiana: Popular Types

Here are the most popular types of skylights:

    * Tubular: These are small, circular skylights (with diameter 10” or 14”) designed for small rooms, closets and hallways, where installing conventional skylights may be difficult. These can be fitted to a variety of roof finishes, including ridge tile, slate and flat roof. They have adjustable reflective tubes and a diffuser that ensure the best light refection. Hence, they eliminate the need for day electric lighting and reduce energy costs. Professional installation from a skylights Indiana provider is essential for their optimal functioning without leakage.

    * Ventilating skylights: Best used in bathrooms, kitchens and warmer climates, they open to allow in air and natural light. These can be operated manually, electrically (through a remote) or automatically through a sensor (which tracks temperature); hence, they contribute to indoor heating and cooling. These do not leak during the rain, as they have a vinyl stripping around the frame.

    * Fixed: These are rectangular or square shaped immovable skylights that do not open. Available in different styles, such as pyramid, polygonal, dome, ridge and tubular, they allow the inflow of only natural sunlight. They are best used in stairwells and attics.

Besides, skylights Indiana also vary in terms of the design and material used. For instance, they can be made of vinyl, acrylic or impact glass. Sun tunnels are skylights that look like holes and provide limited lighting to dark and dimly lit areas, such as attics, closets and basements.

Skylights are available in different styles, which include flat, domed, polygon, cluster, vault, round and pyramid. They are mostly used in malls, museums and other unique buildings.

To select from the exhaustive range of skylights, talk to reputable skylights Indiana provider. A renowned provider of commercial and residential skylights, Wasco Skylights also offers professional installation. For more company details, you can visit www.wascoskylights.com.

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