What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

To understand the importance of a cosmetic dentist you need to know the types of dental problems they deal with. Given below is a short list of the degenerative dental conditions that are treated by such a professional:

  1. Missing teeth

  2. Dental misalignments

  3. Crowded teeth

  4. Yellowish stained and discolored teeth

  5. Broken or chipped teeth

Such dental problems can altogether change the way you smile, talk, or chew. If such dental conditions are ignored you will lose your confidence to smile, which will negatively affect your self-esteem in public. Moreover, dental problems cause a lot of pain and discomfort which will impair your peace of mind. So, you can see that a cosmetic dentist actually helps you to improve your smile, and help you to main good oral hygiene throughout your life.

Types of cosmetic dental care

A cosmetic dentist offers a range of cosmetic dental care. Different dental treatments are applied for different oral health conditions. Following is a short list of the methods that such a dental expert applies for treating different types of problems in the mouth:

  1. Teeth bleaching – This method is also called teeth whitening. It is primarily used for removing the ugly stains and discoloration from the surface of the teeth. Different bleaching chemicals and products are used for the purpose of cleaning. The amount and type of chemical to be used is rightly determined by a dentist.

  2. Veneers – Sometimes cracks and chips occur on the teeth due to accidents. Veneers are thin films made with dental porcelain, which are attached to the original teeth. They are secured on top of the damaged teeth by a dental expert. Thus, they hide dental defects.

  3. Bonding – It is a cosmetic dentistry method to treat gaps between the teeth. It is basically a type of dental prosthetic, which is attached to two adjacent teeth to the gaps left by missing teeth. Thus, the gaps are filled effectively.

  4. Implants – It is a surgical way to treat missing teeth. In this method, the implants or rods are placed surgically to the jaws. The dental implants mimicking the original teeth are placed on top of the protruding implants from outside the gums.

The type of treatment suitable for your conditions can only be determined by an experienced cosmetic dentist. The list given above in non-exhaustive and there are many such effective methods used by a dentist for smile correction.

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