What is a Brazilian Bikini?

According to a report by Fox news, the song by Brian Hylands called ‘Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini’ induced a buying frenzy in women for skimpy swimwear.  Swimwear, like Brazilian bikinis were much ahead of its time therefore was not completely approved or adopted by the countries, like the US until 1957. Accentuating the bust and bottom curves, today Brazilian bikinis are an essential in a woman’s knickers drawer for a fashionable edge to their sex appeal. They are characterized by bottoms that expose the butt cheeks. There are numerous reasons for which women insist on such sensual style of swimwear.

Benefits of Brazilian Bikinis

Given below is the comprehensive guide to understand the Brazilian bikini and the reasons for its popularity:

Accentuate woman’s appeal: Special features, like low rise panties that render a round view of the bottom cheek from any angle are only attributed to Brazilian bikinis. According to a study detailed in online Fox News, men who were to make decisions exhibited stimulated cognition and creativity after watching contestants in sexy two piece swimwear. There are different styles, like full pucker, half pucker, micro style, boy shorts, thongs, etc that are available to complement every body type and suit every requirement. Bras that comes with this style of swimwear is generally V-shaped that helps in flaunting the curves of a woman body. Designers keep in mind the over whelming demand for this style of bikini and detail pieces with minimum yet exclusive embellishments or accessories.
Encourage to stay fit: Original Brazilian bikinis are actually very skimpy and truly sensual. Therefore women who want to sport such skimpy styles get motivated to stay fit and aim for an hourglass figure. Unlike one piece swimwear, one cannot create any illusion of a toned body.

Convenient beach wear: While thongs complement silk robes, tight trousers and cocktail dresses the best, boy-shorts style in stretchy cotton is an extremely comfortable piece for any body type. Women opt for leather to lace fabrics on their romantic getaways. G-strings or micro thin styles render maximum exposure to the body thereby facilitating optimum sun bathing. Women who sport Brazilian lingerie at all times do not have prominent uneven skin tone spots on their body.  Also, both bras and panties come with adjustable straps in most cases making it convenient for even plus size women without worrying about comfort or a misfit.

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