What Products do Dumpster Rental Companies Recycle?

Dumpster rental companies provide the essential service of hauling waste away from residential, commercial, industrial and construction sites. Some dumpster rental companies also provide the additional service of recycling products. Recycling puts valuable resources that might be disposed of back in to use in the community. Construction sites produce a large quantity of solid waste including concrete, bricks, electrical wiring and insulation, wood and other products. Of these waste materials, some like plasterboard decompose in landfills releasing toxic, malodorous hydrogen sulfide gas. For this reason plasterboard requires special disposal and is not permitted to be deposited untreated into landfills. Some hazardous substances like lead, mercury and asbestos are found at construction sites that too require special techniques for disposal.

Residential homes produce large quantities of waste which might be reusable. Recycling guidelines require the waste to be segregated into various types. Dumpster rental In Mcdonough, GA provides a wide variety of sizes of containers for disposing waste according to guidelines.

Paper products are to be segregated into Mixed paper (envelopes, magazines, writing paper, paperbacks, bags, mail and catalogs), Newsprint, Cardboard (Boxes and corrugated cardboard) and Thin Cardboard (Shoe boxes, cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, toilet rolls etc.)

Metals are also required to be sorted out to enable better management, recycling and disposal. Aluminum and tin cans, foil and pie plates, empty latex paint cans, empty aerosol cans and any type of scrap metal are accepted for recycling. Glass food and beverage containers too can be recycled. All plastic bottles with the symbols 1 and 2 on the bottom are recyclable. Colored, clear bottles used for milk, detergent, bleach, soda, salad dressing are also suitable for recycling. Milk, juice cartons and drink boxes are also collected from domestic units for salvage.

Recycling of solid wastes benefits society in many ways as it:

Reduces the pressure on landfills

Lessens the consumption of raw materials

Lessens the requirement of incineration thereby reducing air pollution

Reduces consumption of energy

Allows the reuse of valuable products and resources

Removes hazardous substances from entering the ecosystem

Recycling cuts down the volume of material that goes into landfills. This in turn reduces the overall costs of disposal. Hazards that might enter the ecology of a community can come from solid waste at landfills. States in the US are very strict about the removal of hazardous substances from common waste. Hazardous wastes include Physical (Pyrotechnics and combustibles), Health hazards (toxic substances) and Environmental hazards. Individuals and companies should seek out professionals for handling such hazardous wastes. The best means of eliminating toxins is removal by Dumpster Rental In Mcdonough, GA, residents and commercial enterprises can ask for local companies that deal in the efficient removal of toxins.

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